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Join INMED’s Refugee Care Simulation on June 10-11


Are you distressed over the millions of Ukrainians bombed out of their homes? Do you feel a burden in your soul to act on their behalf? Then join INMED’s Refugee Care Simulation at the Humanitarian Health Conference in Kansas City on June 10-11.


Day One of this event will reinforce your understanding of worldwide health challenges and connect you with quality local and international organizations with whom you can serve. Day Two will be the Refugee Care Simulation, giving you a practical experience to apply your knowledge of refugee needs into a complex crisis paralleling what is unfolding today in Eastern Europe.


The INMED Refugee Care Simulation will explore all four phases: Pre-Emergency (negotiation and mitigation), Emergency (shelter and nutrition), Maintenance (schooling and jobs), and Resolution (repatriation and resettlement). This event will also highlight the mental, physical, and healthcare needs of refugees, and ways you can assist even from a distance.


Best of all, the Humanitarian Health Conference will introduce you to colleagues and classmates who share your distress and enthusiasm to assist these most vulnerable people. So act now, Register for the HHC, and meet us in Kansas City on June 10-11!

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