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Judy Weimer, Nurses International, and INMED Grads in Action!


“It’s Judy Weimer from your 2021 Fall Professional Certificate Course in International Nursing and Public Health.  I wanted to let you know how helpful it has been to me!  I am managing the conversion of a Med-Surg course for Nurses International, which will allow open access to everyone!  I am going to develop a unit on diseases of poverty, similar to the INMED.  I also made a presentation of this subject for Global Response Management, the group I served with in Reynosa, Mexico, among the migrants seeking safety and refuge.”


The excitement in Judy Weimer’s words is palpable! Like most people in the field of healthcare for marginalized people, she is altruistic, energetics, and visionary. Following her experience caring for migrants on the border, Judy recognized a need to update her skills, leading to her course registration with INMED. Judy also equipped herself with INMED training in ultrasound, newborn resuscitation, and newborn baby care.


Like myself, Judy is passionate about multiplying skill capacity among other healthcare professionals. She continues, “I am honored to lead the efforts of getting our Medical-Surgical class online, and I’m especially pleased with the new lessons on diseases of poverty and maternal-newborn care. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the project, but I’m grateful for your input as we work diligently to share these essential nursing skills worldwide!”


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