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“Why Do I Need the Master’s Degree in International Health?”


“You want to do international healthcare? Then just go! You don’t need any special skill.” These words from my esteemed medical professor were spoken from his inexperience. Working to improve health in low-resource, cross-cultural communities requires more than simply a willingness to “go.” Imagine the challenges you would face this week serving amid cholera in Haiti, Ebola in Congo, or trauma injuries in Ukraine or Florida. Effectiveness in such settings also requires immense expertise.


To this end, INMED offers the Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH). This 32-credit hour program is specifically designed for healthcare professionals and healthcare profession students to work with distinction under such challenges. The MIH is built on our 20-year’s providing international health education and service-learning in 25 nations. Equipped in this way, recipients of the MIH are prepared to lead comprehensive health promotion and disease intervention efforts in the world’s very most difficult settings


The MIH total tuition is currently $8704, and payment is made only each time one registers for a course. Most MIH learners take one course at a time, finishing the degree in about 18 months. In addition to course work and a scholarly project, the degree includes an international service-learning (rotation) at an INMED Training Site in medicine, nursing, or public health. The entire degree, except the service-learning, can be done online if desired. Please visit the MIH FAQs.


Mark Wardle is a professor at Rocky Vista University and is also earning the MIH. “I have been involved with caring for vulnerable populations since before I started medical school. I discovered INMED in 2020, and have been thrilled with my interactions with them. The knowledge and skills taught by INMED not only helped to fill gaps in my global health experience but have inspired me more than I can say. INMED has helped me grow as a physician, a professor, a researcher, and as a person. I can’t thank them enough!”


Do you want to do serious good in the field of international healthcare? Then please go serve with honor in Haiti, Congo, Ukraine, or Florida. But go equipped. Go with the Master’s Degree in International Health.

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