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June 2008

2008 Angola

Brightness in dark places – Angola Day 10

  In the evenings I’m entertaining myself by playing a suite of guitar pieces by Gaspar Sanz. Only one problem: the electricity kept going out. So I lit a candle and continued playing – probably just the same way he did in 1700!This morning I began be visiting hospital patients: a lady who’s husband beat […]

2008 Angola

African Adventures – Angola Day 8

  This is my 5th day as the solo doctor, and I’m thankful to find that the so far I’m keeping up. But I’ve had three patients die only since yesterday – die of disease that would have been easily treatable in Kansas City. The first was a 40-year man with “normal everyday” hepatitis. The

2008 Angola

Meeting Manuel – Angola Day 6

  As I arrived at the Evangelical Med Center of Lubango today I was immediately summoned to the ER to see a child, Miguel, who’d just arrived. On first glance, the four-year old boy was swollen across his face – a sure sign of pellagra, a nutritional disease unknown in the US. But what startled

2008 Angola

Arrival – Angola Day 1

  Today I’m in Lubango, Angola. If you look at a map of Africa, Angola is a nation in the southwest corner. I lived here for two years, working at a mission hospital and also doing mobile clinics. During these weeks I’m covering for Steve Foster, the Canadian doctor who runs the Evangelical Medical Center

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