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March 2019

INMED Action Steps For You

KC’s Urban Health Center Entrée Via The Humanitarian Health Conference

“The annual Humanitarian Health Conference gave me the opportunity to share stories, passions, and life with people who have a heart to engage the disadvantaged. It provided me the gateway to hear about what is happening in both local and global contexts,” observes Jordan Crawford, pictured over looking Kampala, capital of Uganda, “The Humanitarian Health […]

INMED Action Steps For You

On April 5-6: Equip. Connect. Go!

Ours today is a world on edge: chaos in Venezuela, starvation in Yemen, fire devastation in California, ongoing Ebola outbreaks in Democratic Republic of the Congo, to name but a few. Silhouetted against this backdrop are individuals like you; people with professional skills and a deep interest in volunteering your talents to help coax our

INMED Action Steps For You

What Is AMBO? INMED’s New Advanced Maternal Newborn Outcomes (AMBO) Course!

Pregnant women and their newborns are among the most vulnerable human beings. In lower-income communities, they frequently succumb to bleeding, infection, prematurity, malaria, and ineffective labor. At the Humanitarian Health Conference on April 4, INMED introduces the Professional Certificate Course in Advanced Mother Baby Outcomes (AMBO). This learning experience is designed to improve the results

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