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October 2009


Thriving On Encouraging Words

Last night, October 29, 2009, I was honored on behalf of INMED to receive the World Citizen of the Year award from Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser and the International Relationship Council. This is a remarkable acknowledgement of the devotion of hundreds of INMED partners serving people on the very margins of society in Papua New […]


Broken Zambian Children Smiling Again

I am touched over Kaylene Chlopek’s INMED experience with Dr. Ken Johnson at Choma Hospital in Zambia, an INMED Training Site: “I was struck with severity of the injuries suffered by the children. Many had fallen out of trees and broken bones. My first week at Choma Hospital, we set and plastered many broken bones, and


Something VERY GOOD in South Africa

I am feeling warmhearted as I read Kirk Bodach’s account from Mseleni Hospital in South Africa: “On my last day working in the outpatient clinic the patient I was seeing said that he had been watching me. He said that I had done something VERY GOOD. Apparently he had seen me eating lunch at that hospital with

International Health News & Inspiration

Forgotten Disasters

  Just twelve days ago our planet was rocked by a duo of disasters. A 7.6-magnitude quake struck the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, followed by shocks of similar magnitude hours later. Within moments, these geologic convulsions reduced buildings to rubble in the city of Padang, where U.N. officials estimate as many as 4,000 people

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