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July 2017

2017 Angola

You Too Can Join Us – Angola Day 30

  Departing Angola today I’m mostly impressed with the opportunities. CEML Hospital, and its affiliate Kalukembe Hospital, have years of solid experience providing care to the least of these. One bold step forward is to multiply the number of Angolans with similar vision and skills. Here’s where you can be a blessing.   Seriously consider […]

2017 Angola

Breaking Disease Stereotypes – Angola Day 28

  Little Avelino arrived today with his father, who explained how this four-year old has coughed constantly for 2 weeks. They visited a health post and were prescribed a cocktail of antibiotics. But when no improvement resulted, the family took a minivan taxi some eight hours to CEML Hospital. On my exam, Avelino had retraction

2017 Angola

From One To One Hundred – Angola Day 26

  Photoed here are some of the thirty-five nurse practitioners who staff the rural health centers surrounding Kalukembe Hospital. Twice each year they converge for two days of continuing education. I enjoyed the opportunity to lead eight hours of workshops on how to promote economic development and literacy, since these are so very essential to

2017 Angola

Innovators Of Africa – Angola Day 24

  Innovative and vulnerable – these are the children of Africa. Walking from home to clinic today, I met these boys touting their homemade airplanes. One is a King Air, followed by a Cessna Caravan – fine replicas of the aircraft that land on our dirt runway. The models include even spinning propellers and wheels.

2017 Angola

Choosing A Career In The Bush – Angola Day 22

  By Angolan standards, he was blessed indeed. While still a young man, Antonio mastered English and graduated from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. But rather than succumb to the allure of privilege, Antonio Salamão chose to serve out his career at Kalukembe Hospital. This rural medical center provides care for some

2017 Angola

Surgeon With ‘Style’ – Angola Day 20

  Annelise Olsen, CEML‘s youngest general surgeon, expresses an inspiring persona. She embraces style, whether in clothing, cooking or lively conversation. Annelise embodies medical excellence, devoting her judgment and procedures to our patient’s best welfare. And she advocates for the global health virtue of sustainability: giving our willing learners ample opportunity to develop their own

2017 Angola

Compassion In Action – Angola Day 18

  “Our child became ill 6 months ago. So, we visited the traditional healer. We lost our money and our child was no better, so we went to the closest clinic. They did tests and gave medicine, but he didn’t recover.” Thus, begins an account we hear frequently. It continues like this: “Next we went

2017 Angola

Life After Life – Angola Day 16

  Life span in Angola averages only thirty-eight – a fact painfully experienced by our patients and families. We at CEML Hospital are diligent to help people better these odds. But all life has limits. As I pondered this truth, Pastor Moses phoned again, asking me to prepare a mediation for chapel today. Pictured above

2017 Angola

Pyopericarditis – Angola Day 14

  Caution: This is a graphic description. In my post on July 2, Aberrant Abscesses – Angola Day 2, I described the plight of a seven-year old boy with pockets of pus erupting in his leg, shoulder and hip. Let’s call him “Lobito.” After drainage of the hip abscess on that date Lobito’s fever and

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