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May 2019

Low-Resource Healthcare Pearls

Anti-Poverty Vaccine? Is That Possible?

Introducing Peter Hotez, my friend and today’s best known proponent of anti-poverty vaccines. Peter is an accomplished scientist and pediatric infectious disease specialist at Texas Children’s Hospital. A tactful, vocal proponent for policy and civic action on multiple health fronts, one of his most intriguing campaigns is to combat poverty through vaccination.   The associations

International Public Health

Life’s Most Dangerous Day

What has been the most dangerous day in your life? The first time you drove a car solo? Or maybe a particular football or hockey game? Population research demonstrates that younger age is highly correlated with risk of death. Most child deaths are infant deaths. Most infant deaths are neonatal deaths. Most neonatal deaths occur

Health Professions Education

East vs. West: Chinese Learn, Serve and More

INMED today is teaching 40 of the brightest, most motivated learners we’ve ever engaged – and they all live in China. Representing every Chinese province, these healthcare personnel were recommended to us as exceptional. Yesterday I assessed their first Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health assignments, projects and exams. Everything their superiors

INMED Grads In Action

Larissa Penner: After God in Haiti

Larissa Penner: seriously enthusiastic about serving forgotten people. An RN from Nova Scotia and to the left in this photo, I met Larissa at the 2018 Glendale CA Professional Certificate Course in International Nursing & Public Health. Weeks later, she was on location in Jérémie, Haiti, to begin a two-year service stent. Larissa is socially

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