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September 2016

Disaster Management

MacArthur Foundation and Emergency Medical Teams

  The world-wide health and disaster response community agree: management of the Haiti earthquake, Indian Ocean tsunami, and West Africa Ebola epidemic was poor. In answer, the World Health Organization has established new standards for international Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) to ensure a credible global health emergency workforce for future Public Health Emergencies of International

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Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital Hosts INMED

  This week INMED graduated our first students from Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, whose Global Disaster Response department hosted the International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course. Seventeen participated in ten weeks of structured online study, and then gathered today in Boston for three days hand-on patient care, disaster triage, and community health survey skills.

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“What Is Aleppo?”

  This week the presidential candidate of a well-known United States political party was asked their plan for Aleppo. In response, the candidate replied, “What is Aleppo?” Shocking, but not at all surprising. Today Americans are consumed with the season football kickoff, Halloween planning, and the back-to-school rush. None of these activities carry any maleficence.

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