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October 2016

Disaster Management, International Health News & Inspiration, International Public Health

Happening Now: The World’s Largest Ever Refugee Exodus

  Seven-year old Ariya, photographed here with her mother and siblings, fled the outskirts of Mosul last week as Kurdish and Iraqi military forces advanced to retake that city from ISIS. Ariya joins the over 3.3 million Iraqis displaced by the conflict – not counting the innumerable Syrians. Where will Ariya find refuge? Anticipating mass […]

Disaster Management, International Health News & Inspiration

Haiti Hurricane Refuge: Higgins Brothers Surgicenter

  Last week as Hurricane Matthew collided with Haiti, citizens by the thousands sought refuge from the 130mph plus winds, tormenting waves, and inland storm surge. One special locale of relief: Higgins Brothers Surgicenter of Hope. This photo captured by USA Today, shows residents of southwestern Haiti entering the compound of the Surgicenter where they

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