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May 2014

International Health News & Inspiration

Proverbs 11:11 & The People In My World

  Today the INMED office is bustling just seven days before the 9th annual Exploring Medical Missions Conference. Micah Flint is  online diligently designing the evaluation form for feedback from Conference participants. Cindy Obenhaus and Liz Burgos are printing the name tags of conference participants, including each person’s personalized event schedule. All day long our […]

International Health News & Inspiration

Abigail Rattin, 2014 INMED International Medicine Award Recipient

  At the 2014 Exploring Medical Missions Conference next week it’s my honor to present the 2014 International Medicine Award. Abigail Rattin, MD, MPH, is Medical Coordinator of Action International Ministries. A family physician with public health training at University of Massachusetts Amherst, since 2010 Dr. Rattin as been living and serving in the nation of Uganda, eastern

Low-Resource Healthcare Pearls

What If I Just Go Unvaccinated?

  This week I have been approached by a number of well-meaning parents and travelers over the hazards associated with various routine vaccinations. Indeed, no vaccine is 100 percent effective nor 100 percent safe. But let us pause a moment and consider the alternative: measles – the disease afflicting the child in this photo. Measles

INMED Action Steps For You

The Life You’ve Always Wanted

  Isn’t it time you start living out your greatest dreams? James Fyffe, an Emergency Department nurse at North Kansas City Hospital, felt such a sentiment. Two years ago he took action, participating in the Exploring Medical Missions Conference. “There I met inspiring people,” says James. “They serve at Bach Christian Hospital in Asia, providing

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