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February 2021

International Public Health

If I Vaccinate, Can I Congregate?

  “If I am vaccinated against Covid-19, can I safely congregate with other people – especially if they too are vaccinated?” Such a compelling question! If “yes,” then reentering in-person life is a very welcome advance. If “no,” then such socializing risks disease or worse among those whom we value most.   Vaccination is accelerating […]

Health Professions Education

Why Empower Others With Your Hard Earned Skills?

  Progress in health requires skilled personnel who will multiply into others their knowledge and experience. This principle is also vital to creating sustainability within low-resource communities. One heartening example of empowering others is the new Family Medicine Residency Program at CEML Hospital in Angola – a nation with very sparse post graduate learning opportunities.

INMED Action Steps For You

Launching Your International Healthcare Career

  Many healthcare professionals begin their careers with virtuous visions of serving forgotten people. As they advance, however, this focus often becomes diverted. In Launching Your International Healthcare Career, Nicholas Comninellis illuminates a tested path in this laudable journey. He begins with an appeal to apply principles of wise decision making – prayer, weighing pros and

INMED Grads In Action

INMED Grad Fighting Beriberi in India

  Shajin Thankaraj, INMED Graduate physician, studies thiamine deficiency (beriberi) disorders at Makunda Christian Leprosy and General Hospital in Assam, northeast India. Dr. Thankaraj serves with Emmanuel Hospital Association at this remote, rural health facility.  His research publication, Infantile Cardiac Beriberi in Rural North East India, appears in the journal Indian Pediatrics.   Says Dr. Thankaraj, “Two case studies,

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