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September 2017

Disaster Management

What Is Today’s Most Urgent Humanitarian Crisis?

  Sadly, we have a crowded line up of contenders for this moment’s most pressing human catastrophe. They include Syrians fleeing ISIS, Yemen’s cholera epidemic, South Sudanese facing starvation. Yet almost unnoticed, and eclipsing them all, are the more than 400,000 Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar (Burma) since August 25. Some 250,000 of these refugees are […]

Cross-Cultural Healthcare Pearls

What Is The Single Most Useful Language?

  Language is powerful. Beyond its direct usefulness for communication, language also conveys one’s culture, social status, and history. Acquiring language as a child is an almost thoughtless, painless process. I continue to marvel over how my father never addressed me in Greek. While Greek is not highly useful outside of that tiny nation homeland,

INMED Action Steps For You

Who Are The 2017 Boston INMED Courses Grads?

  Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital, Massachusetts General, Center for Global Health and Global Disaster Relief again this fall hosted the INMED International Medicine and International Public Health Hybrid Courses. Allow me to introduce our inspiring graduates!   From North America come physicians and nurses in the fields of primary care and emergency medicine, and

INMED Grads In Action

INMED Board’s Richard Randolph Aiding Houston

  Today is Richard Randolph’s birthday, and like so many first responders, he’s foregone the lighter side of life to give life-preserving care in these hours since Hurricane Harvey struck Houston. Dr. Randolph, a Director on INMED’s Board, is also Chief Medical Officer for Heart to Heart International, whose mobile Disaster Response unit is providing

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