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January 2012

INMED Action Steps For You

INMED Crisis Response Training

  The Joplin Tornado of May, 2011 on caught many of us well-intentioned but unprepared to respond effectively. I, for one, felt a deep sense of pain over the catastrophe unfolding just 100 miles a way. But I also realized frustration that at such late notice there was little I could do to assist.   […]

INMED Action Steps For You

Introducing ACIHE

  Today’s citizenry and healthcare profession students are more keenly aware of the needs of marginalized people. I’ve noticed how educational institutions are rapidly developing curriculum and field experiences to match community and student expectations. As a result of such demand, however, health educators are grappling with how to best provide effective, relevant international healthcare


You Must Help My Baby Now!

  JOPLIN, MO — The warning “Execute Condition Gray!” blared through the halls of St. John’s Regional Medical Center. Personnel per protocol began rolling patients’ beds into the hallways. However, this was no drill. Near the ER’s glass doors Kevin Kikta, an emergency physician on duty, looked up to see a stunned security guard tearing

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