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August 2018

INMED Action Steps For You

INMED International Medicine Clinical Skills Courses in Pittsburgh, PA

  Skillful health care for culturally diverse people in low-resources settings will be an extreme test of your clinical abilities. Just imagine the challenges you might face serving in the wake of Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria, Congo’s growing Ebola epidemic, or even California’s persistent measles outbreaks.   This fall, INMED is offering our series of […]

Cross-Cultural Healthcare Pearls

Reentry Shock: An Occupational Hazard of International Healthcare Volunteers

  Most persons returning home from a significant cross-cultural journey go through a very unique experience termed cross-cultural reentry, reverse culture shock, or reentry shock. I experience this each time I return from Angola or China, and it consists of disorientation over relationships, economic life, activity expectations, and even attention span.   These multi-fold disorientations

2018 Angola

Bragging On My Colleague – Angola Day 32

  Abundantly illustrative: Oscar Paulo and I,  saying farewell at the International Airport in Lubango, southern Angola. I am returning to the US until I journey back next July. Oscar is soldiering on here in his home country.   Let me give you a glimpse into the character of Oscar Paulo: Professional. Oscar completed specialty

2018 Angola

Chinese In Africa? – Angola Day 30

  “你们为什么在非洲?”是因为我们在这里工作!Twice this month I enjoyed caring for patients from China here at CEML Hospital. It’s an understatement that they express surprise to hear their native language spoken by a North American on location in southern Africa. The even greater surprise may be that they are even here to begin with, and here by the

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