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October 2020

International Health News & Inspiration

Feeling Heavy Burdened? Here Find Rest

  Job pressure. Virtual fatigue. Family isolation. Holiday loneliness. Financial uncertainty. Cold weather. Illness vulnerability. “Is this a fever overcoming me?” Our sense of heavy burden is almost ubiquitous. The CDC reports that 40% of American citizens reported mental health or substance abuse problems over the summer. Over the pandemic months, alcohol sales have soared. […]

Low-Resource Healthcare Pearls

The Case for ‘Global Surgeons’

  One person out of three around the globe lives in a community with no access to a general surgeon. Often, people are separated from physicians with such skills by scores of miles or thousands of dollars. As a result, children, healthy adults and pregnant women die from typhoid intestinal perforations, femur fractures, and labor

International Public Health

COVID-19 vs HIV Pandemics

  COVID-19 and HIV: both are among the most important health issues of our lifetimes. But beyond this fact, how do you the two pandemics compare?   First some similarities. Both diseases…   Caused worldwide concern, and often outright fear Are largely asymptomatic in the beginning Were diseases over which relatively little was known Were

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