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September 2010

International Health News & Inspiration

Millennium Development Goals?

Are you familiar with the Millennium Development Goals? It’s an important question, because of the tight relationship between physical health and overall economic and educational status. This initiative by the WHO and other whole bodies has eight essentials aims: Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, Goal  2: Achieve universal primary education, Goal  3: Promote […]

Low-Resource Healthcare Pearls

What I Didn’t Learn In Medical School

Everyone connected with healthcare knows that one of the most vulnerable periods in life is the first five years. That’s when so very many children succumb to infectious disease, often predisposed by underlying malnutrition. Understandably, the emphasis of programs in international public health and international medicine is heavily on well child care, vaccination, and early

International Health News & Inspiration

From Rescue To Resilience

  This year is one marked by disasters and ongoing deprivation. Just consider Haiti’s earthquake, Pakistan’s flood, and Zimbabwe’s chronic crisis. The heartening response of many is to donate of their personal time, talent, and treasures to rescue those acute distress. Just look at the thousands of healthcare professionals volunteering for short-term medical missions! But

Cross-Cultural Healthcare Pearls

Is Kate Culturally Competent?

  Cultural competence is our ability to cooperate effectively with people of different cultures. This is especially important in the increasingly complex cultural milieu of healthcare, whether set in Kansas City or Sri Lanka. Consider the case of Kate, a nurse practitioner at an urban safety net clinic in North America. Kate is interviewing a distinctly

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