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October 2010

International Health News & Inspiration

Water Heroes

  This week I represented INMED at the Kansas City Mayor’s United Nations Association Banquet, where we honored Gary White of Gary is passionate about changing the distressing image above that illustrates how pervasive remains the shortage of safe drinking water in the world’s poorest communities. In Angola just 4 months ago I cared […]

International Health News & Inspiration

Haiti Captured By Cholera

  This week reports out of Haiti describe the spreading of cholera epidemic. A prototypical disease of poverty, cholera is the end result of extreme lapses in sanitation and water protection. Cholera is an infection virtually unknown under any other circumstances. Nine months have passed since Haiti’s earthquake. On one hand it’s reassuring that cholera

Low-Resource Healthcare Pearls

Health And Literacy – Grow Simultaneously

Health leaders are typically not trained in the arenas of education, literacy and economic development. But the magnitude with which these social elements influence the health of populations cannot by ignored. Today’s leaders in health must not only appropriately inform themselves but also fully embrace their opportunities to support communities in these fields. The outcome

INMED Action Steps For You

From Rescue To Resilience

  Disasters and ongoing deprivation mark the first years of this new century. Just consider Haiti’s earthquake, Pakistan’s flood, Somalia’s war, and North Korea’s hunger. The heartening response from many is to donate our personal time, talent, and treasures to provide rescue and assistance to those in distress in the world’s most impoverished communities. Just

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