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November 2018

International Public Health

Sick Migrants: How Shall We Respond?

  At this moment, media reports are widely announcing the southern approach of migrants who are ill. Some migrants appear to suffer from chickenpox, tuberculosis, even HIV. Most all of them are afflicted by exhaustion and malnutrition following their weeks-long foot journey of at least 1,200 miles. How shall we respond?   One’s reaction to

INMED Grads In Action

Sean Mark and the Greatest Hour of Need

INMED enjoys a fifteen year history of attracting learners who possess virtuous personal attributes and exceedingly high career aspirations. That INMED can add refined vision and skills to their laudable intentions is our great privilege. Among our Graduates stand out remarkable individuals like Sean Mark, who is today an emergency medicine resident physician at Truman

International Public Health

The END of Tropical Medicine

  Infectious diseases – malaria, TB, typhoid, dysentery, measles – have been the leading cause of human morbidity and mortality throughout history. But today, the burden of infectious diseases has greatly diminished in wealthier countries. In developing nations, infectious diseases remain the leading causes of both death and of DALYs lost, especially among children and

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