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November 2019

Cross-Cultural Healthcare Pearls

Are You Culturally Sensitive?

  Of course you are. Like most readers of this blog, in your heart you feel informed, concerned, and compassionate. But demonstrating these virtues in day-to-day life can be very challenging.  Unfamiliar cultural dilemmas can cause people to appear insensitive and uncaring. Consider, for example, the negative repercussions of actions like looking an elder in […]

Health Professions Education

2019 Pittsburgh INMED Professional Certificate Course Grads

  One element which sets INMED Professional Certificate Courses apart from other global health learning experiences is the qualifications of our faculty. Case in point: the 2019 Pittsburgh PA INMED Professional Certificate Courses in International Medicine, Nursing and Public Health. For the sixth year running, these Pittsburgh courses are being taught by Paul Larson. A

INMED Grads In Action

2019 Boston INMED Professional Certificate Course Grads

  Our 2019 Boston INMED Courses – hosted by Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health – last week brought together nurses, pharmacists, physicians, and public health specialists from five countries: China, Sudan, Haiti, Antigua, and the US, including Puerto Rico.   This is a truly inspiring phenomenon to witness: educated, visionary, and well-to-do healthcare

INMED Grads In Action

Mysterious Maternal Death in Haiti

  Picture yourself is this situation reported today from an INMED Graduate in Haiti: “A 30-year old woman, G7P6 without prenatal care, came to our clinic in labor. Her pain was greater and more constant than I’d expect. Normal vitals and fetal heart rate. Cervix was fully dilated and high. Then suddenly, the fetal heartbeat

INMED Grads In Action

Ultrasound And Refugee Care In Lesvos Greece

  What connection could possibly exist between  ultra-high technology ultrasound and plight of people in fleeing conflict and hunger? Ask the expert: David Culpepper, INMED Ultrasound Faculty on location in Lesvos, Greece – the world’s best known shelter for Syrians, Albanians, Ukrainians, others who’ve set on saving their families…   “The sudden nightly surge of

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