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November 2014

Low-Resource Healthcare Pearls

Febrile Illness? Begin Here…

  One of the most daunting challenges in clinical medicine is finding the cause of an acute febrile illness. The implications are significant. Some acute febrile infections are life-threatening, like meningitis or cerebral malaria, causing death within hours. Some are highly contagious; putting loved ones – family and friends – at greatest risk. And some […]

INMED Grads In Action, International Public Health

Publicity And Perspectives

  Publicity is a powerful molder of perspectives. This compelling image by André Carrilho – intended to illustrate the racial nature of concern surrounding Ebola – communicates both negative and positive messages. From a negative perspective, some diseases causing profound suffering do not receive worldwide media attention until those in wealthy nations are infected. HIV,

INMED Grads In Action

From Training To Tanzania

  “I had a vision for medical ministry in Tanzania,” says emergency medicine physician Danny Smelser. “Years ago, my ideas were bold and my heart filled with excitement and compassion. What was lacking was a road map to mature development of Tanzania Christian Clinic – TCC. That’s why I sought out INMED.” I first met

International Public Health

Ebola For All Time

  Forecasts for potential deaths from Ebola are disturbing. But equally heartening are today’s expanded interventions. Very likely in the coming months this present epidemic will subside. But what should we retain from this Ebola experience to endure for all ages?   • Health and poverty are intimately connected. Ebola is just one of many

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