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October 2021

INMED Action Steps For You

Meet INMED at GMHC in Louisville Next Week!

  The Global Missions Health Conference is one of just three premier annual US international health events. On Thu-Sat, Nov 11-13, please join INMED for GMHC in Louisville, Kentucky!   Thursday, from 10am to 1:30pm INMED is hosting the Diseases of Poverty Update Course, with Nicholas Comninellis presenting Fighting the Diseases of Poverty Overview and Launching […]

INMED Grads In Action

Hope Against Pus, Pain, and Hunger

“Adorable, little two-year-old Jacinta arrived at Cavango Hospital in severe respiratory distress,” says Tim Kubacki. “Ultrasound revealed a large amount of liquid in the space surrounding her heart and in one chest cavity. We drained several cups of thin pus, likely from TB, the consistency of motor oil, from her chest cavity, which had collapsed

International Public Health

Controlling The Next Emergency Pandemic

  Is the COVID-19 Pandemic simply a once-in-a-lifetime threat? Or rather, is this a warning of health emergencies to come? Today’s globalization of travel and commerce make communicable, infectious diseases much more transmissible person-to-person and nation-to-nation. August’s analysis by the Center for Global Development projects that the probability of another COVID-19-like pandemic in the next

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