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January 2022

INMED Action Steps For You

Inspiring and In-Person: 2022 Humanitarian Health Conference Registration Now Open!

  “Let us not lose heart in doing good!” This admonition from Paul of Tarsus, an early follower of Christ, for millennia has inspired people throughout calamity, conflict, and most recently, Covid. Please join me in Kansas City on June 10-11 for the 17th annual Humanitarian Health Conference – an event affirming that we, too, have not […]

INMED Action Steps For You

What Is the Difference Between the Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH) and a Master’s Degree In Public Health (MPH)?

  The INMED Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH) shares some broad elements in common with a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH), including skills in epidemiology, biostatistics, behavioral and environmental sciences, and public health  management. The MIH, however, is distinctively focused on mobilizing and equipping healthcare professionals on behalf of marginalized people: those who are poor, undereducated,

International Public Health

Why Do We Still Have Refugees?

Why do we still have refugees? As critical as is this question, a thoughtful inquiry begins with still deeper questions: why do we still have war, poverty, or social injustice? One week each month, I am the emergency physician for a small Missouri town. Almost every patient is compelled to come to my ER suffer

INMED Action Steps For You

New For You From INMED In 2022

  One positive outcome of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been enhanced capacity at INMED to develop new learning opportunities. Here’s welcome news for those like you who are concerned over hunger in Afghanistan, mass casualty in Yemen, and Omicron everywhere. New in 2022 INMED is offering:   Professional Qualification Course in Hands-On Skills for Low-Resource Healthcare.

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