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October 2019

International Health News & Inspiration

Winter On Foot Through The Mountains

  This week our world suffered another blow. Amid the relative stability of hard-won, post-ISIS recovery, families in the mountainous region of eastern Turkey, NE Syria, and northern Iraq were just preparing for harsh winter weather. Then, sudden redeployment of peacekeeping soldiers this week immediately set off a political power struggle we’ve watch unfold. In […]

International Health News & Inspiration

Why Should Chinese Learn International Medicine?

“Why are we studying typhoid, dengue, and leishmaniasis? These diseases don’t impact us in China,” protested one mid-career physician. “We are all Han Chinese. We understand our society, so learning cultural skills are not really relevant,” objected another. “I am a physician,” noted one, disapprovingly. “Public health is in a different department.”   Thus, began

INMED Grads In Action

Comprehensive Care and Emulation in Kenya

  “People ask what exactly I want to accomplish with the Mildred Smith Mission Health Center,” expresses Doug Smith, graduate of the Professional Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health. Dr. Smith’s INMED service-learning at Ghana’s Baptist Medical Center helped nurture his vision for this new health undertaking in Kenya.   “That’s a fair question,”

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