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December 2019

INMED Grads In Action

Speech Pathology, INMED, and Food Insecurity

  Communication disorders and global health? Speech therapy and international languages? Nutrition and food insecurity? Who possess expertise surrounding such intriguing connections? Jackie Zeigler, pictured second row and second from the left, is a speech-language pathologist whom I met this month the INMED Courses hosted by Adventist Health Glendale, CA. Jackie describes her expansive mission: […]

INMED Action Steps For You

INMED And University of Kansas Medical Center?

  Kansas University Medical Center (KUMC), known worldwide as a hub for research and innovation, is also renowned for its Office of International Programs. Under the leadership of Kimberly Connelly, the office offers inbound opportunities for international researchers and clinicians, international educational experiences, and again this fall, the INMED Professional Certificate Courses in Medicine, Nursing

INMED Grads In Action

INMED Sudanese Grad Serving Her Native Sudan

  We in North America normally consider Sudan a nation from which people flee and seek refuge. But not Mona Mohgaub. A physician graduate of the INMED Professional Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health, I enjoyed learning about Mona’s career while at the Boston MA in-classroom section of her course.   Born in Sudan,

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