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February 2020

INMED Action Steps For You

Epidemic Response & Humanitarian Health

  Escalating epidemic today ~ Worldwide pandemic tomorrow? Precise forecasts are impossible, even reckless. What is certain is that in the coming months  COVID-19 will continue to require both skilled epidemic crisis management and compassionate, professional care. And what is likely is that we will also witness phobias against certain people, disruptions in economic and […]

Cross-Cultural Healthcare Pearls

Epidemics Multiplied by Racism

  Until just days ago, when the WHO officially sanctioned the name COVID-19, today’s epidemic was best known as the China Coronavirus. This popular nomenclature was understandable: the disease originated in China and almost exclusively infected and affected Chinese. The response was also understandable: nations closing their borders to Chinese travelers in an effort to

International Health News & Inspiration

HIV Treatments Against Coronavirus COVID-19?

  This week witnessed significant escalation in the coronavirus epidemic – newly named COVID-19 –  with worldwide numbers of infected person climbing by 50-100 percent every day. The normally methodical pace of science has justifiably been forced into the fast lane, with physicians and researchers considering novel approaches to coronavirus disease management based upon established

INMED Action Steps For You

Humble Beginnings of INMED’s Master’s Degree

Later this year, INMED will begin offering our first graduate-level degree: the Professional Master’s Degree in International Health. Designed for those already in a health profession or health profession school, this degree will provide advanced conceptual training and field experience for individuals intent on improving health among the most marginalized people.   Akin to Neil

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