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January 2020

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Danger? Corona Virus And You

  The developments are startling. Over the last week, the official number of coronavirus 2019-nCoV cases has doubled every day, and yesterday the WHO declared this a Global Health Emergency. While most cases (10,000+) are confined to China, the early death rate stands at 2-4 percent and as of today, 27 nations are reporting infections. […]

INMED Grads In Action

Transfusion In The Bush

  “We gave our first-ever blood transfusion at Cavango Hospital (Angola, Africa).  Malaria had invaded and destroyed the blood of this one-year-old. His fingernails and conjunctiva were snow-white, revealing loss of more than 2/3 of his red blood cells. A finger stick showed blood as thin as tea. We treated his malaria and his fever

INMED Action Steps For You

From What Global Health Careers Can I Choose?

  The most important qualifications for global health service are a willing spirit and selfless attitude. Very few persons become wealthy or famous in this challenging field. But for those motivated out of genuine humane concern, the rewards are potentially bountiful. Global health colleagues are often some of the most exemplary and inspiring of individuals.

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