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August 2017

INMED Grads In Action

Michigan State U Funds INMED Learner In Ghana

  “MSU’s family medicine department awarded me a scholarship to learn from physicians, nurses, community health workers and pastors working hard to improve the health in northern Ghana. My words cannot fully express my experience!” Georgia Wheeldon, pictured here with the traditional King of the region, was funded for her INMED Service-Learning experience at Ghana’s […]

International Public Health

Children Of The Atomic Bomb

  “An explosion so terrible, a flash so blindingly bright, I thought the world had ended,” expressed Shin’s father. “Then, just a quickly, everything went black.” 3-year-old Shin was missing. Father frantically searched for him among the wreckage and found Shin pinned under a house beam, badly hurt. “His face was bleeding and swollen… Everyone

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