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January 2015

INMED Training Sites In Action

China: Sustainable Healthcare For The Poor

  This daunting challenge is at the forefront of most every healthcare forum, and as it should be. Essential healthcare services, like influenza vaccination and hypertension management, clearly improve life and longevity for relatively low cost. But over the long term, even these costs must be reimbursed. What are the alternatives? One is funding though

INMED Grads In Action

From KU to Hainan – INMED Grads In Action

  His was an intriguing proposal. His was an intriguing proposal. Tim Stephens, a medical student at Kansas University, approached me about a unique learning opportunity in the city of Shenyang, northeastern China. He selected the right mentor, for years earlier I too studied at the Shanghai Charity Hospital. Through the INMED Diploma in International Medicine

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