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July 2011

2011 Angola

Care For The Children Of Tomorrow? – Angola Day 18

  Yesterday the medical team of Lubango Evangelical Medical Center returned from their spiritual life conference. My timing to volunteer each July is primarily to provide the vacation coverage they need. Tonight as I walked the wards tonight of our little hospital my thoughts turned to Manuel with the infection that ate away his entire […]

2011 Angola

Just What Is The Gospel? – Angola Day 16

  At the Angolan medical center I’m presently being accompanied by four Canadian medical students. They are very sharp and eager to learn. The faith-basis of this facility is new to some. One student asked, “Just what is the Gospel?” That question caused me to ponder Jesus quoting Isaiah in Luke 4:17-18, “The Spirit of

2011 Angola

It’s Not All Work – Angola Day 14

  Early this Sunday morning I visited the church that meets in the community just outside of town. The singing and message were both in Portuguese and Umbundo, the local language. I adore how the people clap and beat the drums and books and dishes to the rhythm of each song. Then, often we’re off

2011 Angola

Convulsions In Africa – Angola Day 13

  This afternoon a mother was at home alone with her girl, whose temperature was 105. Suddenly her eyes rolled back and she had a seizure, flailing his arm and legs. Minutes later I received a distressing call from the emergency ward. This 18-month old was still convulsing and barely breathing. Convulsions here in Angola

2011 Angola

Is There Hope For This Child? – Angola Day 12

  This morning a father arrived at the hospital in Angola with his son, Josifas, whose photo I took with his permission. This boy of eleven was leaning over a cooking fire, when his shirt erupted into flames. Living in the bush, his family simply covered the wound with strips of cloth, linen that became

2011 Angola

Tropical Medicine Rounds – Angola Day 11

  This morning I visited virtually every patient who is being cared for here at the Lubango Evangelical Medical Center. In the attached photo I’m seeing lady of 60 years who was bitten on her foot by a snake. I also examined a man with heart failure and heart valve disease for whom we can

2011 Angola

Old School Orthopedics – Angola Day 10

  Abel, this young man, was riding his bicycle when he veered off the road to avoid an oncoming truck. Abel’s bike struck a embankment, throwing him head first over the handle bars. The only fortunate outcome of this accident was that Abel landed on his leg rather than his head! I’m holding up the

2011 Angola

Action In The ER – Angola Day 9

  “Quickly, Dr. Nicholas, come to emergency ward!” António’s voice was filled with tension, and by the arm he pulled we away from syphilis patient whom I was examining. Moments later I confronted a gasping small child, Gabriel. With each breath she chest retracted and with my stethoscope I heard hardly any air moving into

2011 Angola

Trauma, A Forgotten Priority – Angola Day 8

  Over the weekend Ezekiel, in the photo above, was playing indoors and fell into the family cooking fire. As the boy screamed in agony the traditional healer smeared cow dung and herbs over the burns covering his face and chest. By the time Ezekiel arrived at our healthcare center his skin was heavily infected

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