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July 2014


Ebola, Kent Brantly & INMED Grads In Action

Today the world is following the status of Kent Brantly, American physician who contracted Ebola virus infection while serving at a mission hospital the nation of Liberia, West Africa. Brantly, photoed above in back row second from the right, participated in the 2013 INMED International Medicine & Public Health Intensive Hybrid Course held in Fort […]

2014 Angola

A Daniel For Today – Angola Day 25

In the 1990s I moved to the war besieged city of Huambo, in central Angola, to assist churches in starting up a health ministry. My Angolan counterpart was Cesário Sapolo, pictured here in front of the house where I lived. Cesário distinguished himself as a model human: intelligent, social, and devoted to his family and

2014 Angola

Two Week Follow Up – Angola Day 23

Back on July 6 I introduced Feliciano, struck by a truck and left with an open, dislocated elbow joint filled with dirt and gravel. Please see “Trauma & Hope – Angola Day 7” and the original photo of his injury below. Since that day, Feliciano has been receiving the antibiotic ceftriaxone and, more importantly, bravely

2014 Angola

Hope Present And Future – Angola Day 21

Steve Foster, left, has lived and served in Angola since 1978. A fully Board Certified Canadian surgeon, Foster and his classy wife Peggy over the last thirty-six years raised four children, save thousands from early death, and continue to inspire tomorrow’s healthcare personnel in this stark nation. Steve Foster was my mentor at Kalukembe Hospital


On Backup For Hell – Angola Day 19

On call for emergencies one evening, I cared for a elderly man with acute bleeding into his bladder. This caused obstruction of urine outflow, a huge bladder, and extreme pain. Simply placing a Foley catheter thru the penis or directly through the abdominal into the bladder was no solution, since the clots obstructed any hope

2014 Angola

I’m In Stitches – Angola Day 17

Here’s a story that will make you smile… Steve Foster, my mentor and Angola’s surgeon extraordinaire, came home tonight describing how that he saw a dehydrated child in clinic this morning. “Give him Ringer’s Lactate, one liter each 5 hours,” instructed Foster, in his deep, declarative voice.   Ten hours latter Foster returned, and found

2014 Angola

World’s Most Life Saving Drug – Angola Day 15

What is the world’s most life-saving drug? Penicillin against infections? Quinine against malaria? Furosemide against heart failure? Hydrochorothiazide against hypertension? My nomination I hold here in my hand. João Manuel has been coughing blood and loosing weight for six months. His chest X-ray shows white out of both lungs and he requires 5 liters of

2014 Angola

Physician, Heal Yourself – Angola Day 13

Yesterday I cared for three young people with rapid onset coma and hemiplegia. They were also all malaria test positive. Malaria can cause a plethora of neurological signs, and no confirmatory brain imaging is available out here. So I started IV quinine and today – miraculously- all three patients resolved their deficits and woke up.

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