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September 2019

INMED Action Steps For You

Could You Be Helping Babies Breathe?

Some one million newborn babies die each year from birth asphyxia – that is, the inability to breathe. I’ve personally see this tragic scene in Angola, Ghana, Burkina Faso: A baby is limp upon delivery, assumed dead, and just laid aside. But simple stimulation, drying, and ventilation almost always immediately restores life to limp newborns. […]

International Public Health

Silk Road and Primary Care in China

Xi’an City, in the mountains of western China, was the origin of the ancient Silk Road – one that brought prosperity and stature to the People’s Republic. Today, I represent INMED at the China National Congress on General Practice – an event that represents great potential for health prosperity and for the stature of primary

International Health News & Inspiration

Who Are The Very Best Doctors?

This is a complex question. By what criteria could, or should, a physician be measured? We could consider such standards as years of experience, board certification(s), institutional affiliations, academic appointments, research grants & publications, and newly added, patient satisfaction surveys. Yet, none of these measure one of the most important qualities we expect of physicians:


Don’t Trust Online Learning – Unless It’s Excellent!

Online education is the fastest-growing segment of higher education. Today 15 percent of all learners study exclusively online, and those who mix online and in-person courses has grown even faster to 17 percent of all learners. So, shall we fully embrace online learning? No, not so fast. In spite of its convenience, research demonstrates that costs are

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