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July 2020

International Public Health

Meet Kerrie Flynn – INMED Master’s in International Health (MIH) Learner

  “In Mexico we built a COVID-19 field hospital and developed COVID management protocols for Central American migrants – all the while continuing daily health clinics and ongoing monitoring for COVID in the refugee settlements,” reports Kerrie Flynn, family nurse practitioner with the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health.   Kerrie is an energetic

Disaster Management

Meet Khalid Eddahiri – INMED Master’s in International Health Learner

  “How can international aid organizations better respond to human catastrophes, like what is unfolding at this moment in Yemen?” Khalid Eddahiri, United Nations Medical Officer and INMED Master’s in International Health (MIH) candidate, is tackling this compelling question for his MIH scholarly project. And what a virtuous undertaking! Today, more than 20 million people

International Health News & Inspiration

2020 INMED Award Winners!

  The history of healthcare for the forgotten is highlighted by professionals who inspire their colleagues toward similar service. The Institute for International Medicine is honored to continue this effective tradition by announcing annual recipients of the INMED Awards. Browse their bios, read of their achievements, and be encouraged to follow their examples!   INMED

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