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November 2020

Health Professions Education

Today’s Grads from Uganda, Pakistan, Haiti, South Africa, and Kirksville, MO

  The spirit of Thanksgiving, can you name some advantages that protections against COVID-19 infection have brought into your life? At INMED, the movement toward online learning has opened up participation for our international learners. Case in point: meet today’s graduates of INMED 2020 Early Fall Professional Certificate in International Medicine & Public Health. These

International Public Health

COVID-19 Vaccine for the Lowest Income Nations?

  Very encouraging news this week: highly scientific research has proved 90 percent efficacy for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. In the coming months this, along with other vaccine prospects, will continue receiving vigorous safety and benefit analysis. Meanwhile, Pfizer anticipates production of roughly 1,5 billion doses of this two-dose vaccine during the next year. Mainstream

INMED Grads In Action

Worthy Ambition: Reopen a Closed Hospital in India

  Looking for a worthy career goal? Need an inspiring role model? Consider Ann Miriam, INMED learner and physician with Emmanuel Hospital Association in NE India. Writes Dr. Miriam, “My husband (Vijay Anand Ismavel, a paediatric surgeon) and I (an anesthesiologist) have been working at the Makunda Christian Leprosy and General Hospital in northeast India

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