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November 2016

2016 Angola

“Something’s Eating At Me” – Angola Day 8

  He started to laugh as he uttered these words to me, but then suddenly cringed with pain. Solomon, a young man, winced and grabbed at his right side. Three days earlier Solomon developed fever, some abdominal cramping, and just a little dysentery. Such illnesses are quite common here in Angola. Solomon drake some traditional […]

2016 Angola

Higher Level Of Care – Angola Day 6

  Senhor Alfanzo was riding his tiny motor bike in the city of Benguela when he was struck broadside by a truck. His right leg, hit full on, lay fractured with broken femur and tibia bones both protruding through the skin of his thigh and lower leg. A local healthcare facility applied a full leg

2016 Angola

Shattered Leg Made Whole – Angola Day 4

  Twelve-year old Pedrito was riding on a motorcycle when the driver lost control and sent the boy flying. His leg was found bent at a right angle, and the child was immediately transported to CEML Hospital. Traumatic injuries – especially those of vehicular origin – are among the top causes of both years-of-life lost

2016 Angola

Africa Again? Why? – Angola Day 1

  “Why do you keep going back to Angola? The visa is almost unobtainable, the journey brutal and expensive, and working conditions backwards at best. What’s more, they don’t pay you. In fact, you pay for the privilege of sweating it out!” After two year living in Angola and thirteen annual visits, such questions and

Disaster Management

Haiti Launches World’s Largest-Ever Emergency Cholera Vaccination

  We all recall the devastating cholera epidemic that swept through Port-au-Prince following Haiti’s 2011 earthquake. Whenever urban centers are disrupted the risk of cholera, causing rapid death via dehydration, is predictably high. So, it is laudable that now, just one month following Hurricane Matthew, history’s largest-ever emergency cholera vaccination is underway with the goal

Health Professions Education

INMED’s 27th International Medicine And Public Health Course: 2016 Kirksville MO

  I just enjoyed a terrific weekend with these 21 medical students at AT Still University/Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Ten weeks ago they began a structured, aggressive study of paramount global health issues, including the impact of military conflict, today’s mushrooming refugee crisis, and the perils and privileges of launching their own international healthcare

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