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December 2015

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Global Health – The Formula Is Not This Complicated

  You and I and most of our international neighbors share a common passion: increase people’s healthy years of life. But so very many factors are involved: cultural differences, low resources, economic interests, political disagreement, armed conflicts, profiteering… All this weighed heavily upon me as I labored to identify a simple but effective model for […]

INMED Action Steps For You, International Health News & Inspiration

A Gift To The World: It Could Be You

  Today, Christmas Eve Day, I’m writing to INMED’s graduates: the 434 individuals who have earned the INMED Diploma in International Public Health (DIPH) and Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health (DIM&PH). They have achieved these academic credentials through both rigorous didactic study and on-site service experience in a very-low income community. But more


Where There Is No Doctor Or Nurse

  Newborns and young children are by far the most susceptible to illness and death – especially those living in low-income nations. In North America we are appalled over the death of a child, were such horrific events are rare and almost always preventable. But in much of Africa and southern Asia one child in

INMED Action Steps For You, International Health News & Inspiration

INMED’s Largest Class Of IMPH Students

  November 22, 2015, thirty-three healthcare professionals were awarded the hard-earned INMED Academic Qualification in International Medicine & Public Health. The majority of participants were medical students at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri, accompanied by physicians and nurses from as far away as British Columbia, Canada. They studied online for nine

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