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February 2017

INMED Grads In Action

Who Is Chairman of Family Medicine At Hainan University, China?

  Today I’m writing from Thailand, where humanitarian health leaders from all over Asia gathered for analysis and re-equipping. Included among the participants are several INMED graduates engaged in healthcare on this continent, including Timothy Stephens.   Dr. Stephens was part of INMED’s very first graduating class: 2004-05. And since then? Beyond mastering Mandarin and

INMED Grads In Action

Comfort For Suffering That Medicine Won’t Fix

  “I like giving patients medicine that will help them. I like draining pleural effusions, seeing the fluid run out, and people breathing easier again. I like setting broken bones. I like delivering healthy babies. I do not like problems I can’t solve. I hate suffering that medicine won’t fix,” says Rebekah Rose, INMED International

INMED Action Steps For You, INMED Grads In Action

INMED Distinctives: Field Experience

  Asena Madison, pictured second from the left, is presently serving in Ghana at Ankaase Methodist Hospital – an experience demanding astute skills in unusual diseases of poverty, complicated obstetric problems, and cross-cultural dilemmas. You remember Asena, don’t you? In my post dated January 20th she’s pictured among the graduates of INMED’s comprehensive International Medicine

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