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Some of the Books Authored by Nicholas Comninellis

INMED International Medicine & Public Health

Author: Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH
Publisher: Institute for International Medicine, 2012
404 pages, perfect bound
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Extraordinary numbers of individuals and families are forgotten: the poor, unemployed, minorities, and immigrants. Healthcare professionals who serve forgotten people regularly discover that their training prepared them inadequately. INMED International Medicine & Public Health is a recognized, leading resource for people engaged in global health. Developed over eight years, this 404-page full-color book addresses international public health, diseases of poverty, low-resource HIV care, cross-cultural competency, and international health leadership. Parallel online, self-paced courses correspond to each chapter of the book, and provide interactive learning experiences and continuing education credit. Learn more at INMED Self-Paced Courses.

Where do I Go from Here?

Author: Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH
Publisher: New Leaf Press, 2002
110 pages, hardback

Life is filled with decisions about education, career, family, and personal calling. For most people, doubt and anxiety surround such choices. The inspirational book Where Do I Go From Here illuminates the decision-making process and presents strategies for making long-term choices. Real life stories demonstrate outcomes based on good judgment, coupled with a unique perspective on God’s will.

Shanghai Doctor

Author: Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH
Publisher: Zondervan, 1990
174 pages, paperback

China is viewed with envy for its economic growth and also eyed with suspicion concerning human rights. In Shanghai Doctor, Nicholas Comninellis describes how these subjects pale in comparison to the most significant human experience: personal transformation through the process of trusting in the security and leadership of Jesus Christ. Through his year working at Shanghai Charity Hospital, Dr. Comninellis describes the inspiring account of Chinese women and men who truly fulfill Chairman Mao’s dream of creating the New Man.

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