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March 2020

INMED Action Steps For You

Quality Online Learning Alternatives

  Classrooms shuttered. Sim labs closed. Clinicals cancelled. Rotations halted. Health profession professors and student are suddenly confined to home and  scrambling for alternatives. But the Internet is awash with lamentable, second-rate learning content. Where to immediately turn for quality online learning?   INMED offers ten highly-developed Elective Online Courses in core global health subjects. Each […]

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Anxiety, 911 and COVID-19

  These are anxious days. Similar to those immediately following 9-11, healthcare professionals throughout the nation report a marked escalation of patients complaining of restlessness, sleep disturbance, and difficulty concentrating. That COVID-19 at the moment is rare in most United States cities gives in little reassurance. Rather, people’s profound anxiety is mainly resulting from school

International Public Health

COVID-19 and the Epidemics of Ancient Rome

  Amid the growing COVID-19 epidemic, individual responses have largely been composed of emotional anxiety and various personal defensive postures. But what responses are most outstanding? Please allow me to draw upon some ancient history by referencing Rodney Stark’s book, the Rise of Christianity:   In 165 AD a smallpox epidemic swept through the Roman

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