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January 2010

INMED Action Steps For You

Broaden Your Skills

  I am pondering that fact that healthcare professionals who want to serve the very poor often need to renew or broaden their expertise – those skills in public health, leadership or divergent specialties they once learned, but have not used in the years since their careers became more focused. This requires a commitment to […]

International Health News & Inspiration

Searching For People Of Character

  Television coverage of the Haiti crisis, competing for airtime against Sports Central and American Idol, creates a compelling contrast. It all makes me want to see more men who define themselves by a calling higher than simple self-gratification. Certainly we all must attend to our legitimate personal needs. But guys, enduring satisfaction will never

International Health News & Inspiration

Giving Up Her Own Evacuation

  Maggie Higgins, daughter of INMED’s Board Member Ted Higgins, was volunteering at INMED’s training site, Haiti Health Ministries, when the earthquake struck. Today she wrote, “Last night, a flood of people were showing up. I’ve been doing a LOT of nasty wound irrigations and debris removal. I basically took out a cement plant from

International Health News & Inspiration

Horror In Haiti

  Yesterday, as the shadows were growing long, an earthquake of enormous intensity, 7-8, struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti. While CNN reports hundreds of thousands killed, I’m most concerned over those whom I personally know on this island nation. Sandy and Jim Wilkins have lived in Haiti 1999 and along with their Haitian national staff, serve at Haiti

INMED Action Steps For You

What Specialty Should I Choose?

  I received several questions this week from international-minded medical students regarding what specialty to select. Wonderful are your intentions over how to best prepare yourselves for a life of serving! My short answer is, choose the specialty that most interests you. There exists the misconception that only primary care specialties are appropriate for medical

INMED Action Steps For You

Drawn To Pakistan!

  I am impressed this week with the surge of inquiries about volunteering, even studying, at Bach Christian Hospital in the mountains of Pakistan. In contrast to the continuous requests for placement in Africa (I call this the ‘Bono/U2 Effect”) it is a confirmation that people indeed realize that enormous needs exist in other continents as well. Bach

INMED Action Steps For You

Undergraduates And INMED

  Today I’m talking with two undergraduate students in non-healthcare fields about their interest in medical missions and in volunteering their skills. How wonderful to witness the altruism of these people! Their virtuous desires at age 20 may well result in compassion towards thousands of individuals in the future! As for the near term, I’m

International Health News & Inspiration

Renew Your Dreams

  Remember when you dreamed big? Peace Corps worker, concert pianist, research scientist, international medical volunteer. Remember when thoughts of grand accomplishments inspired your mind and energized your efforts? Weren’t those exciting, life-giving days!   What’s happened to your big dreams since then? In all likelihood, life happened. Your dreams moved to second, even third

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