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Who Are The 2023 INMED Award Winners?


Healthcare for forgotten people is punctuated by professionals who inspire their younger associates to consider similar careers. INMED is honored to recognize such quality professionals by announcing these recipients of the INMED Awards at the 2023 Humanitarian Health Conference, June 9-10 in Kansas City, Missouri.


Introducing David Vanderpool, 2023 International Medicine Award recipient. In 2010, an earthquake devastated Haiti. Dr. Vanderpool was a first responder, caring for horrific injuries and witnessing firsthand the desperate needs in Haiti. He and his wife Laurie sold their Tennessee home and moved to Haiti, where for 10 years they’ve facilitated LiveBeyond school, church, demonstration farm, and medical clinic.


Please meet Dale Agner, winner of the 2023 National Healthcare Service Award. A US Air Force physician with 25 year’s service in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa, in 2017 Dr. Agner brought his leadership skills to the Open Door medical clinic – an urban, underserved, gospel–rescue ministry in Omaha, Nebraska.


Get to know Julie Rosá, recognized with the 2023 Cross-Cultural Healthcare Service Award. Julie and her husband practiced family medicine for 24 years before joining the medical education team at Kanad Hospital, equipping young healthcare professionals amid the sand dunes of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.


Don’t miss Mark Wardle, 2023 International Healthcare Preceptor Award recipient. Dr. Wardle is an osteopathic family physician and Director of both Global Medicine and Medical Spanish on the Rocky Vista University Utah campus. He completed the INMED Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH) and today guides his students through service-learning experiences in Latin America and East Africa.


Explore Blessings International, winner of the 2023 Humanitarian Crisis Response Award. In February, earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria, immediately killing 50,000 people. Emergency response teams – supplied with medications provided through Blessings International – arrived within days facilitated by the Emergency Disaster Relief fund established in advance by Blessings International.


Be inspired by Rick Donlon, recognized with the 2023 Comninellis Award for Compassionate Service to Humanity. A citizen of Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. Donlon’s lifelong calling has been to serve the most vulnerable residents of that urban community. He’s also distinguished himself as an elder in the house church network and spokesperson for Christian physicians throughout North America.


Where can you meet so many inspiring individuals all at once? How could you arrange an opportunity to explore the organizations with whom they themselves are serving? Please register today for the Humanitarian Health Conference and make plans for June 9-10 in Kansas City, Missouri, to get to know the 2023 INMED Award winners!


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