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What Happened to the Baby Found Roadside?

“On my very first day in Baptist Medical Center in Ghana, the surgeon (who was my preceptor) visited a baby in the NICU who was found on the side of the road a few days before,” writes an INMED Graduate Diploma learner. “A neighbor had heard a noise, found the newborn baby bundled up, and ran to tell the doctor who had been shopping nearby with her sister. I took care of the little baby during my entire stay. He had a few small medical issues but was a healthy newborn when I left.”

Many INMED learners continue to feel close to their International Service-Learning Site after departing. A few weeks later this learner wrote, “Just yesterday, I received WhatsApp messages that the baby had been adopted. His new family had all, separately, prayed for a new baby. I am religiously Hindu, but I found such a deep spiritual connection with the many Christians around me. I have begun to understand the connection that many create with their higher power, especially when they have little else to rely on. I have a great respect for the people of Ghana and especially for those who work so hard to serve others at that hospital.”

INMED Graduates often discover that their experience informs their careers for years to come. She concludes, “I can’t wait to go back and continue helping in any way that I can.”

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