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Eradication of HIV on May 30!

Eradication of HIV? In the 1980s, 90s, and 2000s, who would’ve imagined this possibility? Yet with very recent advancements in antiretroviral therapy and healthcare delivery systems, epidemiological research confirms this rousing prospect!

I want to invite you to join me for the Eradication of HIV presentation on May 30-31 at the Humanitarian Health Conference in Kansas City. Diane Petrie, HIV nurse practitioner at Children’s Mercy Hospital, will illuminate the science, actions steps, and inevitable obstacles towards eliminating this infection – one that continues to kill 630, 000 each year, including 20,000 in the USA.

Eradication of hunger?  Pediatrician Hibba Haider will draw on her experience in Pakistan to illuminate interventions against chronic malnutrition and stunting. You can also learn from her emergency management of hunger through preparing and staging nutritionally condensed food.

Eradication of war injury deaths? Roxanne Jones of Global Care Force will guide you through the principles of triage, emergency medical intervention, and evacuation – all within the frightening setting of armed conflict, with its accompanying limited resources, personal dangers, and psychological trauma.

Eradication of cholera? Duane Spaulding of Heart-to-Heart International will explain not only the management of this deadly disease, for which of the world’s population is at risk, but also the proven modalities to prevent cholera disease, including for outside volunteers like you.

Eradication of health professions drudgery? Mike Chupp, CEO of Christian Medical Dental Associations, will rally your vision to multiply your skill among younger personnel through addressing “The Vows of Effective Healthcare Mentoring”, helping return us to the enthusiasm which first drew us into these caring professions.

Arrive a day early, on May 29, and sharpen your skills with CME-accredited hands-on one-days courses in newborn resuscitation, complicated obstetrics, wound care, disaster management, OB ultrasound, and ultrasound for primary care.

Humanitarian Health Conference registration is just $160 until the price bump on February 29. Students, access a 90% discount by emailing Leda Rivera.

In the meantime, which health problem do you wish to eradicate? Please message me your thoughts: [email protected]

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