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Student Indebtedness Is Epidemic. What Is INMED’s Solution?


“I really want to serve vulnerable people, but I am sooo in debt from student loans!” It’s the most frequent barrier I hear from well-intended healthcare professionals. Today’s graduating medical student typically owes $200,000. Bachelor’s of nursing graduates owe $40-$60,000. Nurse practitioners graduate with an average of $154,000 in debt. Pharmacy grads $170, 000, physical therapy $116,000, dentistry $304,000. A frequent reaction is to retort that these high-income earners can quickly repay those loans. A more realistic perspective is to understand that these individuals are also nurturing new families. Young physicians need 13 to 20 years on average to pay off that debt. Bachelors and master trained nurses need 8 to 19 years. Physical therapists, 16 years.


Providing life-sustaining care for vulnerable people does not generate much personal income. If your vision to especially serve those who are homeless, disabled, or minorities, then discharging your school debt while also caring for your legitimate financial needs will prove to be formidable.


Our mission at INMED is to equip healthcare professionals and students to serve the forgotten. We work diligently to offer excellent education simultaneously at substantially reduced tuition so that our graduates can quickly proceed with such careers. Excellent education begins with INMED Faculty’s decades of expertise transferred to learners via Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Master’s Degree learning opportunities. INMED’s substantially low Tuition is currently just $9,440 total for the INMED Master’s Degree in International Health, compared with $25-60,000 in tuition for comparable US master’s degrees in public health or health administration.


Student indebtedness is epidemic. What is INMED solution? Excellent education and affordable tuition. In fact, 100% of INMED learners graduate with no debt owed to INMED.  This means INMED grads are fast-tracked into careers doing what they dream: serving our world’s most vulnerable people.


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