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Could YOU Earn an INMED Graduate Diploma in International Health?


What should be our expectations for healthcare concerning those who are low-income, minorities, disabled, or elderly? What about medical needs of people who are refugees, migrants, chronically ill, or victims of disaster or military conflict? Wouldn’t we aim to respond with  compassion and excellence?


To this end, could YOU qualify to earn an INMED Graduate Diploma? This credential would affirms that in addition to your good heart, you have also equipped yourself with quality skills and supervised experience applying those skills to aid vulnerable people. Three international health tracks are available: International Medicine, International Nursing, and International Public Health.


The INMED Graduate Diploma has two parts, the first of which is the Graduate Certificate. This eight-week, synchronous online course is offered five times each year and addresses important but unfamiliar diseases, maternal-newborn health, community development, cross-cultural skills, and health leadership. It fills significant gaps that are missing in mainstream healthcare education.


The second part is Service-Learning (rotation) at an INMED Service-Learning Site in one of 25 nations. This experience is supervised by faculty who live on location and will guide you through formative opportunities to grow your expertise while serving local people in ways that are culturally appropriate and most effective. View these Service-Learning Sites and ask yourself, Where would I like to go?


643 graduates since 2004 have earned an INMED Graduate Diploma. One of these is Dr. Kevin: “My experience with INMED in SE Asia was outstanding. It was definitely a time that I will always cherish. I saw many patients and felt like I was able to contribute. The INMED Graduate Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health Program had an overwhelming impact on my personal life and my academic endeavors. The INMED resource materials are well organized and useful. The infectious disease component was a good overview of the more common tropical diseases. My experience solidified my desire to do full-time overseas work in the future.” Dr. Kevin and his family returned to SE Asia where they have now been serving full-time for over a decade.


Could YOU, too, earn an INMED Graduate Diploma in International Medicine, Nursing, or Public Health? I would be pleased to further explore this possibility with you. Please message me: [email protected]


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